The Blackstone Journal

The Publication for Independent Investors

The Blackstone Journal is for independent investors who would like to invest for themselves while following the real portfolio of a professional investor. The Blackstone Journal gives ideas, timing, and guidance throughout the investment process. With this guidance the independent investor places their own trades with their preferred broker/dealer.

About the Journal
  • Written by AJ Blackstone, founder of Blackstone Wealth Management 

  • 15 years of investment experience

  • Fundamental analysis investment process

  • No funds. Portfolio will consist of individual stocks, bonds, options, and futures

How It Works

Once subscribed you will get access to my journal entries. Journal entries to expect:

  • Buy and Sell actions 1 day before I enter or exit a position myself

  • Full transparency: Dated actions report from my broker/dealer sent to subscribers each month

  • Periodic journal entries of topics on my mind throughout the week

  • Quarterly reports on the companies we own

  • Reports on companies of interest

  • Macro trends

$1,000 per year

Beginning minimum account balance of $200,000 recommended

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